Finding Joy at home

Ok, so I love in-home sessions in San Diego! There are so many reasons why, but let's discuss a few. They allow for more flexibility with timing, which is essential when navigating the ever changing schedules of little ones. They showcase your home, which plays such a vital role in one's life, is often a reflection of you and your family, and is something that will be so special to look back on. Finally, there is room for so much more creativity in terms of posing, prompts, and activities. This can be really helpful when toddlers don't always want to be in the photos. Now, I have a millions tricks in my back pocket for those occasions but when we're at your home, they can take a break, get a snack, play with toys and then join the fun again when ready. In fact, often if we let them take a break and carry on, the curiosity draws them running back in! Have you done an in-home session before? Hoping this darling session encourages you to consider it!


I'm Morgan Miles

I'm a lifestyle photographer located in San Diego, California, specializing in families, maternity, and portraits. I'm a professor by day but have always needed an outlet to connect artistically with others. I've done photography on and off since college, but in the past five years my hobby has turned into a second profession. It is an absolute honor and joy to be invited into individuals' and families' lives and to be able to provide them with memories that will last a lifetime.

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