for your next photoshoot, consider not leaving the house

Golden hour at one of San Diego's many beach or mountain locations makes for glorious photos. BUT, even after a while, it all starts to feel a little repetitive. So this year, let me offer you an alternative - stay home! That's right, I'll come to you. Once I started doing in-home sessions I realized just how special they truly were and simply fell in love with all the potential packed into each session. In my last post I talked about why in-home sessions are great for toddlers with limited attention spans. In this post, I'm going to dive a little deeper to discuss some of the main reasons why I want you to book your next couples, family, maternity, or newborn photoshoot at home.

1) Convenience. You can't be late if you don't have anywhere to go. You also have everything you might need for your little ones - snack, backup outfits, favorite toys, snacks.

2) Creativity. I love in-home sessions as a photographer because they offer so much more flexibility and possibility for creative and unique poses and prompts. Your photoshoot will look like no one else's because no one else has your home and your family.

3) Wardrobe change. Changing out on location can be done but it's not exactly fast or easy. When we do a full session at your home, we can actually fit a quick wardrobe change in without much trouble.

4) Showcase you! For many of us, our homes are a reflection of our style and our personality. So why not include your home as another member of your photoshoot.

5) Memories. All photoshoots provide memories of course, but in this case I'm talking about memories the directly connected to your home and your life at this time in your home. Maybe it's your first ever home or a home you recently renovated or a home you've loved and lived it so deeply you know where every food pouch stain is on the carpet or blue crayon is on the underside of the white sofa cushion.

6) Timing. When we do an outdoor session on location our timing must closely correspond to dawn or dusk. With kiddos and jobs, short days in winter and long days in summer, there's a lot that can make that difficult. Well, with in-home sessions we have much more flexibility with timing and can more easily work around schedules.

Are there disadvantages to in-home sessions, you might be wondering? Depends on how you look at it. Two important considerations are available light and decluttering. Because we'll mostly be indoors, we must work with the light we have. I see this as a creative challenge that leads to unique and unexpected moments. But it does limit us. As for decluttering, this one isn't as bad as it sounds. We'll talk before hand to figure out which rooms we'll do most of the session in and then you just need to throw all the clutter in those rooms into closets or other darker rooms we won't venture into. No deep cleaning necessary.

An in-home session won't be right for everyone every time, but it's an option I encourage everyone to seriously consider. And if I haven't already convinced you, check out these gorgeous pictures from a recent in-home family session!


I'm Morgan Miles

I'm a lifestyle photographer located in San Diego, California, specializing in families, maternity, and portraits. I'm a professor by day but have always needed an outlet to connect artistically with others. I've done photography on and off since college, but in the past five years my hobby has turned into a second profession. It is an absolute honor and joy to be invited into individuals' and families' lives and to be able to provide them with memories that will last a lifetime.

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