When I first moved to San Diego over a decade ago, I learned of May Gray and June Gloom... these were two months of the year when sunny San Diego was, well, not so sunny. Of course, as someone that grew up in Ohio where it was basically gray from October to April, two months of gray mornings that usually turned to sun by midday seemed like a welcome change from sun ever day. This year though, San Diego got record breaking overcast days and weeks turned into months of everyday all day complete cloud coverage. Why am I telling you all this? Well, because as a photographer, I have to be very in touch with the weather.

Overcast days are sometimes thought to be undesirable for photos because you don't get those sun beams and flares or the really golden pictures that we all know and love. BUT, I personally love overcast photos. For one, timing opens up a LOT. We are no longer restricted to dawn and dusk, which during summer months can be tough with kiddos. Second, the sky acts as a giant light box and it gives us so much freedom to move around and try different things. Third, what we lack in sun beams, we make up for in soft, even, gorgeous lighting that still makes the skin glow. Finally, overcast days usually mean less crowded at popular places which makes it much easier to get the images we want!

Still need convincing? Scroll down to see the most lovely maternity session done at Coronado Beach on an overcast day. This is one of my favorite recent sessions and a lot of it has to do with the cool sky agains the warm tones in the sand and faces. All this to say, don't fret if the day of your session ends up being on an overcast day. We'll still get beautiful photos!


I'm Morgan Miles

I'm a lifestyle photographer located in San Diego, California, specializing in families, maternity, and portraits. I'm a professor by day but have always needed an outlet to connect artistically with others. I've done photography on and off since college, but in the past five years my hobby has turned into a second profession. It is an absolute honor and joy to be invited into individuals' and families' lives and to be able to provide them with memories that will last a lifetime.

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